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Ready to dive into your value-laden, conversion driving content for the month?

Well, we have got you covered!

Just pick one of the posts from the post-prompts doc below, and get writing.

Grab all 4 x weekly prompts in an easy to edit Google Doc here

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– aka something controversial, on-trend or unique (that people will want to share!)

Find a current trend in your niche  – and say why it actually sucks! 

Maybe you are a health coach and think that Keto is actually the worst thing ever, or maybe you are a business coach and you HATE Facebook groups, or maybe you are a female empowerment coach who hates the word feminism or #girlboss.

Think about one of the “hot topics” or trends for your Industry right now, one that everyone is raving about, and come in and shine some light on the downsides (they all have them!).The aim here is to be controversial, but still true to yourself and your views.

To show you have a different way of doing things.

This post is designed to get people talking, engaging, and sharing, while also making you stand out as not just another “me too!” brand (not to be confused with the #metoo movement which is a totally different thing of course).


  • Make friends with Google with an SEO friendly post 

Q&A : Answer one of the most common questions you get asked 

Think about one of the most common questions you get asked by people who are thinking about becoming clients, or even just who reach out “to pick your brains”. 

You could even look to questions you’ve been sent via social media, asked at the end of blog posts (or if you are just getting started, jump into some related Facebook groups and see what kinds of Qs people are asking there). 

Sit down and do a bit of a brain dump (and then save all the other Qs you think of somewhere safe you will need them in later months!).

The second part of this prompt, is then to think about exactly what someone would type into Google if they were looking for an answer to that question, and try and use the exact phrase as the keyword in your post (check out our SEO trainings to see how stupid simple SEO can be!).


– aka help them start to see themselves achieving their goals, with your help!

How to overcome a common set-back or roadblock

Think about one of the most common stumbling blocks your ideal client has either right before they decide to get some help, or even when they are first getting started, and share how you normally overcome it, either for yourself or your clients. 

It could be you help people set up their own WordPress sites and you know most people get started out by choosing a terrible theme (which they then have to fix!). Or, if you are a weight loss coach, you know most people will have tried and failed a bunch of diets and are probably feeling discouraged, so how do they get up the courage to keep on trying. 

You want to not just show a bit of your expertise here, but also start to position yourself as someone who can help.

And feel free to sprinkle through a few stories of clients you have helped with exactly this thing, and the awesome results they have gotten as well. 


– aka time to share a bit of personality, and your own story to start to connect 

“3 new things I have been trying (and 1 I am giving up)”

Think about three new things / products / actions you have personally tried related to your niche or topic in the last 6-12 months, and explain why you are trying them and your results so far.

And, optionally, think about one thing you have decided to stop doing this year, and why, and share your results from that, too. 

In the health space maybe you are trying a smaller eating window, swapping coffee for mushroom coffee and swapping one workout for something different?

Even as the “coach” or expert, we are still all works in progress, and we still all like to mix things up a bit. 

This post will give people an insight into what that looks life for you, and if you ask people to share something new they’ve tried at the end as well, then it can be a great way to start a conversation.